Download abb s2c s h6r manual arts

Password Hide. Remember me. I agree to the Terms. Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x Subscribe 0. The brea kers offer thermal-magnetic trip protection according to B, CD, K and Z charac teri teristics. MCBs ca n be used for equipment equipment protection, protection, in commercial protection of control circuits against overcurrent faults, comp equipment and other computer peripheral devices.

Spe cial direct direct current current version version MCB s include include a permanent ma gnet for DC fault current current interruption. Continuous c ur Continuous urrrent ratings ratings a re a s low a s 0.

MCBs are of compact size and can be quickly mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail or ca n be front mo unted b y use o f a front mounting kit. MCBs ca n also be co nnecte nnected d via via b usbar conductors conductors w hi hich ch ca n be either upper or lower mounted for top feed or bottom feed. Dual function fun ction termi terminals nals a llow busba rs to b e c onnected with main incoming incoming line co nductors w ithout sepa rate lugs lugs. Auxiliary contacts are also available for the S series MCB.

CSA C Tripping Tr ipping characterist characteristics ics Time-current curves ABB mini miniature ature c ir ircuit cuit brea ker kerss are ava il ilab ab le with d if ifferent ferent tri characteristics, allowing for maximum system protection.

B Characteristic Available with the S and S series has rated currents o 63 amperes in 10 step s. The The " B" time-cur time-current rent curve curve is is de prima pri ma ri rily ly for for use in ca ble protection a ppli pplica ca tions. Instanta oc curs b etw een a pproximately 3 to 5 times times rated curr current ent in sys tems.

This This quick trip trip c urve maximizes protec tion of co under low short circuit fault levels that could damage control C Characteristic Avail vailab ab le in in the S and S series series with rated c urr urrents ents up am peres and the S series with rate rate d currents of 80, 80, am peres. The The " C" ti time-current me-current curve is is des igned for medium start-up currents.

D Character Characteristic istic The new mag neti neticc trip trip a ction has an instantaneous tr triip betw 20 times times the b reaker rating.Our website uses cookies which are necessary for running the website and for providing the services you request.

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Uncompromising Safety and Comfort (Abb)

You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x Subscribe 0. The new S series covers all your circuit breaker need up to 63 amps.

For the first time one circuit breaker fulfills North American and global approval requirements. Global circuit breakers for OEMs building global equipment. By building on the proven technology of our supplementary protectors protectors and introducing the new range of miniature MCCBs, ABB now offer a full solution of the highest quality that fits into the minimum space. This allows you to better meet the wishes of your customers by offering even more compact global solutions.

The new S series is the first truly compact and modular full circuit breaker solution for use in both North American and global markets. Continuous current ratings are as low as 0. MCBs are of compact size and can be quickly mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail or can be front mounted by use of a front mounting kit. MCBs can also be connected via busbar conductors which can be either upper or lower mounted for top feed or bottom feed.

Dual function terminals allow busbars to be connected with main incoming line conductors without separate lugs. The "B" time-current curve is designe for use in cable protection applications. The "C" time-current curve is designed for mediu start-up currents. D characteristic The new magnetic trip action has an instantaneous trip poin approximately 15 times the breaker rating.

Thus, the Sbe a good protective solution for applications involving high transformers, motors and other high inductive systems.

download abb s2c s h6r manual arts

The is also suitable for any application where a high instantane point is desired. Available in the S series. K characteristic The "K" time-current characteristic considers high magneti currents from motors, transformers and other equipment.

The "K" characteristic is available up thro amperes. The "K" curve offers the best protection for the broadest ra trical systems. Many applications require a very low short circuit trip settin to protect semiconductor or other sensitive devices and the characteristic may provide maximum protection and servic applications.

Applications MCBs can be used for equipment protection, in commercial appliances, protection of control circuits against overcurrent faults, computer equipment and other computer peripheral devices. Rated current Catalog number 0. Rated current Part number 0. Typically the contacts would b bell to signal the operator that an overcurrent trip has occured. The bell alarm also includes a test button for testing the ing the breaker. The breaker can not b control voltage is first applied to the UVR coil.

Similar in size and mounting to the shunt trip accessory. For factory mounting of any accessory devices, add breaker. Multiple suffixesmust be added in alphabetical order. Terminals allow for connection of cable AWG.All rights reserved.

System pro M compact News 1 The product range is growing and growing. New functions, new characteristics, new possibilities. CTO The range of current transformers for measurement devices has been broadened with CTO split core current transformer with through primary: this type of current transformers is typically used in distribution panels or power centers for maintenance reasons or system enlargment. They can be installed easily and they allows to save a lot of time, avoiding bar disconnection.

If a fault occurs in a load circuit, the protection device EPD24 will detect this rapidly and reliably, disable the power output transistor and hence interrupt the current flow in the defective circuit. System pro M compact Presentation 1 A wide product range suitable for all applications For all applications in residential, industrial and commercial installations ABB System pro M compact range offers many functionalities like: protection and switching checking and monitoring control and programming Moreover, shape and dimensions of the devices allow a perfect integration in existing installations.

The technologically innovative bidirectional cylinder-lift terminal available in the System pro M compact devices enables synchronous closing of the front and rear wiring input. Highest safety standard for the installer thanks to protection against electric shock according to EN Marking of devices is reliable and clear.

Both supply and connection with busbars from top or bottom is admitted. Auxiliary elements A whole range of accessories and auxiliary elements. SPDs Surge protective devices. Command devices This category includes devices that are operated manually to command the electric system: contactors, latching relays, switch-isolators, switches, pushbuttons etc. Typically they are installed to control lights from severeal points of the same circuit or to pilot user devices with a high number of operations.

Load management devices Overload relays, load management switches, anti black-out lamps, time switches and the other modular devices in this category react automatically to variations of parameters and other events in the system to allow for plant optimisation. Measurement devices The range of devices in this category is very wide, including a great number of auxiliary components and accessories that make installation in switchboards and consumer units practical and economic.

Other devices The System pro M compact range also includes bells, transformers, modular sockets etc. Various accessories. System pro M compact Advantages 1 The System pro M compact range offers enormous advantages in relation to installation. Advanced and smart solutions allow a far easier and safer installation and guarantee time saving. Existing installations can be easily upgraded to include auxiliary switch functionality.

Versions in 63 A sizes are supplied with two additional terminals for remote tripping. Safety connections between DDA and S thanks to a safe plastic key system. In addition it avoids errors because it prevents the use of free cable seats.


This high protection level against errors eliminates right from the start industrial accidents deriving from incorrect wiring. The terminal guarantees a very high tightening torque for cables with a section up to 25 mm2. The housing of connection busbars in the rear seat guarantees easier wiring. Without busbars two terminal spaces can be used for cables with different cross sections: incoming supply with supplementary terminal up to 50 mm2 from the front side. Special quick fastening for an easy removal of the devices from the assembly pressing upwards, both for MCBs S and RCCBs F the only in the market that can be removed without a screwdriver.

Breaking capacity [kA] Reference standard Nr. MCBs protect installations against overload and shortcircuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. Thought to be advanced, MCBs range also offers all the plus advantages which characterized the whole new System pro M compact range. New System pro M compact S series satises most common requirements in terms of MCBs, allowing the usage of them for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

S series devices obtained a lot of marks and approvals, so they can be used in all worlds markets. S U-Z S UP-K S UP-Z S UDC-KABB House Dr.

REF541 Подключение

Haridwar Plot no. ABB is a global leader in Power and Automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

The ABB Group operates in around countries and has a strong presence in the South Asian region, spanning several decades. ABB offers customers a comprehensive array of standard products for various applications, helping to optimise resources, reduce energy costs, boost productivity and increase competitiveness.

System proM offers a wide range of devices for basic functions like protection, command, measure and load management which characterise the low voltage electrical applications. These miniature modular devices are technologically advanced, enable speedy installation and simplify maintenance. Each device in the System proM has been designed in accordance with strict criteria for safety and functionality to guarantee the maximum operating safety even in the difficult environment conditions.

MCBs are used to protect circuits against overload and shortcircuit current. They are important devices for reliable and safe operating of installations.

A specialized range of MCBs can also be offered for protection of the semiconductor devices. For the distribution network circuits, our MCBs with variable current setting can be offered which provides the perfect coordination with the upstream and downstream installations. System ProM is a modular system developed by ABB which, is capable of meeting the requirements of the most modern and upto-date installations for low voltage applications.

The system is based on two main criteria: - Complete functionality: Wide range of devices which leads to increased safety for the user and greater diversification in command and load management - Optimum sizing: The modular structure allows the internal structure of the switchboard to be used in the best possible way, reduces wiring operations and enhances functionality and aesthetics of the switchboards. The S2 range of MCBs complies to international standards and regulations. Each pole is fitted with two different tripping devices operating on a trip free switching mechanism: - The delayed thermal trip for protection against overload and - The quick acting electromagnetic trip for protection against short-circuits Safety ABB MCBs have finger-touch proof terminals conforming to IP20 degree of protection thus preventing any electrical shock by accidental touch to any live part.

The housing is self-extinguishing conforming to V0 degree with 1. Low watt loss Efforts towards power loss limitations in electrical equipment are gaining importance the world over. Features. Tropicalisation The S2 range of MCBs have been designed in accordance with strict criteria for safety and functionality to ensure trouble free operation for many years in highly humid environment as per IEC No category.

ABB Description CONT. O Cyberall Group - www. Y ABI. AUX Cyberall Group - www. IP65 palanca regulable poliamida 40 mm. IP66 palanca regulable poliamida 40 mm. OBEA10 bloque c. TAPA P. S7 mando giratorio S7 fijo Cyberall Group - www. S6-S7 marco para M. S7 conector prueba circuitos auxiliar. E1-E6 ACC. S7 UNID. A DIST. Directo Emerg. Llave Dif x M. Candados en Pos.

Llave Ronis x Int. Mecanico entre 2 Int. Altos PB 6 pz T1 Prot. IP40 Torn. Mecanico entre 3 Int. Llave Ronis en Pos. Base fija Ench. Giratorio Directo Normal E.


Reenviado Normal Ext. T Eje mm x M. T4-T5 Cyberall Group - www. X3 T4-T5 Conec. X4 T4-T5 Prol. Control 6 pin T4-T5 Prol.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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download abb s2c s h6r manual arts

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download abb s2c s h6r manual arts

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